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September 24, 2019 8 min read

Tesseract stories11 min read

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Story by Klaudija Čibirkaitė

The creative mind works in unique ways. “Unique” is a perfect word to describe Deividas Jaroška that is on the rise of making something outrageous and genuinely exciting. A soundclash of 80s post-punk, EBM, electro, 90s rave and fwd club and experimental records that are melded together to create equilibrium – an original sound of his own.

We met for an interview on the first day of his new event project ‘’Tune Yourself“. After a long day of work, we sat in a piercing room and started talking: „I spent all the time out of my comfort zone. I’ve never had any similar projects like this. It is hard to put my thoughts into words, furthermore, I am so happy everyone is having so much fun. Now I am in a nice ecstasy of tiredness.” – Deividas shared his emotions about the event that is all about expressive and extraordinary people, who are merging their worlds of art and craftsmanship to one great unity that we call ‘’Tune yourself!”.

Deividas has more discipline than I’ve expected. His morning starts from sports activity, breakfast with his close friends or family and making the daily plan that he strictly sticks to. Then usually he spends a big part of his day making some kind of music project in a studio or in cases like the “Tune Yourself” project, he dedicates half of his day for event organizing. His evenings are for cultural activities or, as he says, “for making some more music”.

“My consciousness is wider than ever. It shrinks when I don’t sleep well… But… Having this kind of existence is okay. I didn’t have time to think about everything… I just simply do a lot, and that is it. My workday combines from a lot of creative working, creative administrating. Now I don’t complain about the quality of my life ever” – Deividas smiles. You can feel his calm aura that fills a whole piercing room.

To create a meaningful piece of art, an artist must have a broad understanding of himself, people, and his environment. Deividas spends a lot of his time learning that by reading books, going to a psychologist and simply questioning his surroundings. I believe everyone who actually listens, can feel his in-depth look into the world from the first conversations with him and naturally – his music.

His first involvement in music hides a story behind. Music was a thing that saved Deividas from a deep depression – “It was the kind of adolescent depression that was impossible for a child to understand”. Having difficulties with adaptation in a city in the first grade, Deividas turned into music and  that, as he says, is “a reason why he is still right here with us”.

“Music is the thing that saved my life – that is why it is so precious to me. It gives me strength in the hard moments and makes me travel in time. The biggest part of my life I spend on music”.

When asked about what are the main parts that shape his art, he answers that his creative work is a combination of everything he lives through right now:

“If I create music, I create it about myself and about something that would resonate with people, something that would be relevant… Withal, I wish that everyone would enjoy my art and feel that it belongs to them. I am in a never-ending searching state, where I look for a way to make a perfect creation that, in my own criterion, would connect everything that I am and, however, at the same time, would not be about me indeed – I aim for my music to be universal – everyone should be able to apply it to themselves”.

The message that Deividas tries to relay to his listeners is that “every one of us is very similar and different at the same time, and that joy and happiness are always with us – all we have to do is find it”. As he says, at his work, he comes to this message from the different sides.

To attain a better understanding of the stories behind different pieces of art, it always helps to know a little bit about the artist’s view of life. Asked how Deividas understands the reality that surrounds him, he answered:

“I have seen from my storytelling to others that not many can understand how I understand reality. Upon the whole, I think that everyone understands it uniquely. My version combines from thinking that us people, we have a potential that some don’t even know about. The ones who put a lot of work and discipline into it can get into that state of higher consciousness, and see the world the way it really is. Now I am somewhere in that path, just as we all are, but from the other side. I believe that there is some kind of construct. Some might call it ‘’the matrix’’ – that we all are stranded in a system and we can make that system work in a way we want. To do that you need to understand yourself and the world around you – the way it is without an illusion. Others might say that there is global synchrony that explains – everything happens for a reason… or even that a human being has a potential of god or a demon – just like the ones who represent satanism believe in…There are a lot of different views, I go through all of them and try to extract my own understanding of the reality”.

We all have the values we set to ourselves through life. In the case of an artist – you can see their values through their art. For Deividas, the crucial thing in life is the ability to do whatever one wants: “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself for no one, no one forces you, so you always have a choice. Always. Only when you achieve self-realization – that’s a second value – only then you can think about helping other people. That’s it. First, you build a good life for yourself and then you can be helpful. I am all about complete freedom, complete balance, and love. I think empathy and love are the things that will stop a lot of painful processes and systems that still exist in our world”.

Today the most significant acknowledgment in Deividas work is his new album – “Tesseractories”. 

The journey of this album started when the members of Northern Electronics Bandhagens Musikförening visited “Kablys Club” event series “Minimal Mondays”, he had to prepare for the live performance, especially for the vibe. As he said, he wanted to make that live very esoteric and deep, combined with the tribal motives, electro-inspired beats – that is how the first tracks “Sweet baby” and “Speed baby” were born. The first part of the album was created in 2017 when the “Blackwing” project ended, and the first concert of moniker Jaroška was organized. The other tracks were finished at the beginning of 2018. You can see Deividas nervously reacting to the noise in the room while talking about this. He is tired. He closes his eyes for a moment. We sit in silence until he starts speaking again.

‘’The album went through a long period. The album that had to be a cassette happened to be a CD and finally, it was decided to be released on his personal Bandcamp label “Lemat musik.”

I asked him to explain what “Tesseractories’’ means, Deividas said “Well it is a combination of the word Tesseract and story about a higher state of mind, wherein I am sometimes. That’s the reason why it is hard to get me, I am in that state, and sometimes I confuse people because I spoil them too soon with the information they shouldn’t know until their reach this level of being. Some people think I should be in a mental asylum or that I live in an illusion”. He laughs and remembers – “or I am just an idiot who’s perception is full of misinterpretations and delusions – like probably anyone of us”. Deividas gets back to his calm state, he closes his eyes and starts talking – “Enlightenment with the clean mind will answer all the questions of our existence”.

Deividas’ closest plans are to play as good as he can for 6 hours straight in “The Wilde Renate” club in Berlin. “I am really looking forward to it, I wanted this really bad, and it actually happened. I am thrilled. It will be fun”.

Moreover, for the first time publicly, Deividas shared that his project “Karkasas” is coming back. This project used to be anonymized, the performances even included wearing a mask. However, as he says, he does not see its main precept anymore and now wants to announce that there are plans with the “Karkasas” project in the future.

The topmost future vision of Deividas is not to stop until his music reaches as wide audience as he needs.

Deividas smiles, I can see his glowing eyes. He shares a piece of advice from his own experience to conclude – “There is a time and a place for everything – you just need to be at that moment… People spend a lot of time in their own heads. I think you should try to learn how to suspend it sometimes because all the joy and happiness is in the understanding that you are here and now and that you will always be here and now – nowhere else. Everything has already happened, our mind is too slow to handle, people have the illusion of the past and future. We are just traveling through ourselves, our choices and mistakes and this happen always at the moment. It means you can be whatever you want. Everything is possible if you believe and really want it”.

Jaroška says this at last – “Above all, I try to be honest. I care about all of you as much as I care about myself… and I care about myself a lot… so I care about you a lot. I always try to spread the freedom, balance and love with my music. I will work hard to make sure this will project to reality”.

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